ANNÉE 2016

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1. Hajbi, F., Hammi, H., Solimando, R., M’nif, A ;

Thermodynamic study of magnesium sulfate crystallization: application of Pitzer model and quinary diagrams ;

Desalination and Water Treatment (2016)


2. Hajer Douahem, Halim Hammi, A. H. Hamzaoui, M'nif Adel ;

A preliminary study of phosphogypsium transformation into calcium fluoride

Journal of the Tunisian Chemical Society (in press) 2016


3. Hajer Douahem, Halim Hammi, A. H. Hamzaoui, M'nif Adel ;

Modeling and optimization of phosphogypsum transformation into calcium fluoride using experimental design methodology

Journal of the Tunisian Chemical Society ,2016,18, 106-113


4. Mouna Jaouadi, Souhaira Hbaieb, Hanen Guedidi, Laurence Reinert, Noureddine Amdouni, Laurent Duclaux ;

Preparation and characterization of carbons from ß-cyclodextrin dehydration and from olive pomace activation and their application for boron adsorption;

Journal of Saudi Chemical Society (2016)


5. Adnene Midouni, Mohamed Ikbal Houchati, Walid Belhaj Othman,NassiChniba-Boudjada, Mouna Jaouadi, Monica Ceretti , Werner Paulus , Ahmed Hichem Hamzaoui;

Influence of nickel doping on oxygen-ionic conductivity of the n = 1 Ruddlesden- Popper Phases La1.85Ca0.15 (Cu1−xNix) O4−δ (δ = 0.0905). );

Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2016)


6. Adnene Midounia, Mohamed Ikbal Houchatia, Walid Ben Haj Othmene, Nassira Chniba-Boudjadad, Ahmed Hichem Hamzaouia,

Topochemical reduction of the oxygen-deficient Ruddlesden−Popper phase (n = 1) La1.85Ca0.15CuO4−δand electrical properties of the La1.85Ca0.15CuO3.5 ;

Arabian Journal of Chemistry


7. Haythem Barraka, Taieb Saiedb, Pascale Chevallierc, Gaétan Larochec,  Adel M’nifa, Ahmed Hichem Hamzaouia,

Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of ZnO nanoparticles by N-(trimethoxysilylpropyl) ethylenediamine triacetic acid (TMSEDTA): Investigation of the interactions between Phloroglucinol and ZnO@TMSEDTA;

Arabian Journal of Chemistry