Année 2008

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1- Lithium recovery from highly concentrated solutions: Response surface methodology (RSM) process parameters optimization;Hydrometallurgy, 2008 90,(1), pp.1-7

 HamzaouiA. H.;  Jamoussi, B.and M'nif, A.

2-Lead removal from aqueous solutions by a Tunisian smectitic clay; Journal of Hazardous, 2008, 156,(1-3,15), pp.545-551

 Chaari, I.; Fakhfakh, E.;  Chakroun,S.;  Bouzid,  J.;  Boujelben,N.; Feki, M.; Fernando Rocha and  Jamoussi,F.

3-Densification Behaviour of a Red Firing Tunisian Triassic Clay; American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008, 5 ( 3) pp. 263-269

Baccour, H.; Medhioub, M.; Jamoussi, F.; Mhiri, T.

4-Study of the Sylvite Transformation into Arcanite At 25°C; World Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2008 4 (3), 390-397

Fezei, R.; Hammi, H. and Adel M’nif

5-Growth of lithium silicate crystals inside porous silicon film and their exploitation for ozone detection, Applied Surface Science, 2008, 254, ( 13, 30) pp. 3955–3958

Ben Saad, K.; Hamzaoui, A. H.; Labidi, A.; Bessaïs, B.

6-Optimization of sylvite transformation into arcanite using experimental design methodology; Journal of  chemometrics, 2008, 22 (2), pp. 122-129

Fezei, R. ; Hammi,  H. ; M'nif, A.

7-Electrical conductivity study of gamma-irradiated table sugar for high-dose dosimetry; Radiation Measurements, 2008, 43 (7), pp. 1254–1257

Marzougui, K.; Hamzaoui, A. H.; Farah, K.; Ben Nessib, N.

8-Mineralogical evaluation and industrial applications of the Triassic clay deposits, Southern Tunisia; Materials Characterization, 2008, 59(11), pp. 1613–1622

Baccour, H.; Meddhioub, M.; Jamoussi, F.; Mhiri, T.; Daoud, A.

9-Technological behaviour of some Tunisian clays prepared by dry ceramic processing; Clay Minerals September, 2008, 43;(3), pp. 339-350

Jeridi, K.; Hachani, M.; Hajjaji, W.; Moussi, B.; Moussi, B.; Medhioub, M.; Lopez-Galindo ; A .; Kooli, F.; Zargouni; F.; Labrincha; J.; Jamoussi, F.

10-Phosphorus removal from aqueous solution using iron coated natural and engineered sorbents; Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2008, 151(1), pp. 103–110

Boujelben, N.; Bouzid, J.; Elouear, Z.; Feki, M.; Jamoussi,  F.; Montiel, A.

11-Iron mineralisation in Mio-Pliocene sediments of the Tamra iron mine (Nefza mining district, Tunisia): Mixed influence of pedogenesis and hydrothermal alteration; Ore Geology Reviews, 2008, 33, ( 3–4) pp. 397–410

Decrée, S.; De Putter, T.; Yans, J. ; Moussi, B. ; Recourt, P. ; Jamoussi, F., ; Bruyere, D. ; Dupuis ; C.

 12-Heavy metal removal from aqueous solutions by activated phosphate rock; Journal of  Hazardous Materials2008,  156(1-3), pp.412-20.

Elouear, Z.; Bouzid, J.; Boujelben, N.; Feki, M.; Jamoussi, F. ; Montiel, A.