Année 2009

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1-Preparation and catalytic activity of nanostructured Pd catalysts supported on hydrogenotitanate nanotubes; Journal of materials science, 2009, 44 (24), pp. 6677-6682

 Jabou, K.;  Kochkar, H.;  Berhault, G.and  Ghorbel, A.

2- Optimization of the Alkaline Hydrothermal Route to Titanate Nanotubes by a Doehlert Matrix Experience Design; The Journal of physical chemistry, 2009, 113(49), pp.20837-20840

Kochkar,H.; Lakhdhar, N.; Berhault, G.; Bausach, M.; and Ghorbel, A.

3-Study of Pd(II) adsorption over titanate nanotubes of different diameters;Journal of colloid and interface science, 2009, 331(1-1), pp.27-31

 Kochkar, H.; Turki, A.;  Bergaoui, L.;  Berhault, G.and  Ghorbel ; A. 

4-Ph Metric study of gamma –irradiated table sugar for dosimetry purpose;     Radiation Measurements, 2009, 44,( 4), ,pp. 374-377

Hamzaoui A.H ,; Farah K.; Marzougui S.; Ben Nessib, N.;  M’nif A.

5-Selective recovery of Bischofite from Sebkha El Melah natural Brine; Latin American applied Reasearch, 2009, 39 (4), pp. 375-380

Fezai, R.; Hammi, H.; M’nif, A.

6-Influence of firing temperature on the ceramic properties of Triassic clays from Tunisia;Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2009, 209 (6) , pp. 2812–2817

Baccour, H.; Medhioub, M.; Jamoussi, F.; Mhiri, T.

7- Composition and properties of glass obtained from Early Cretaceous Sidi Aich sands (central Tunisia);Ceramics International2009, 35 (8), pp.3229–3234

 Hajjaji, W.; Jeridi, K.; Seabra, P.; Rocha, F. ; Labrincha, J.A. ; Jamoussi, F.

8-Adsorption of a textile dye “Indanthrene Blue RS (C.I. Vat Blue 4)” from aqueous solutions onto smectite-rich clayey rock; Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2009,  172, ( 2-3) pp. 1623–1628

Chaari, I. ; Feki, M. ; Medhioub, J.; Bouzid, J.; Fakhfakh, E.; Jamoussi, F.;