Année 2011

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1-Optimisation of epsomite transformation into periclase using experimental design methodology; Journal of  Chemometrics, 2011, 25, pp. 59–66

Behij,  S.; Djebali, K.; Hammi, H.; Hamzaoui,  A. H. and M’nif A.

2- Effect of Phosphogypsum Released Solution on Soil and Aquifer Water Asian;Journal of Chemistry, 2011, 23 (11)

Hajem, B.; and M'nif, A.

3- Application of activated carbon for vat dye removal from aqueous solution;  Journal of Applied Sciences in environmental Sanitation, 2011, 6 (3), pp.247-256

Chaari, I.and Jamousi, F.

4- Evaluating the adsorptive capacity of montmorillonitic and calcareous clays on the removal of several heavy metals in aqueous systems Norio Tase,Chemical Engineering Journal,2011, 172 (1), pp.37-46

Sdiri A., Higashi , T., Hatta T., Jamoussi F.,

5- Magnesium chloride precipitation from mixed salt solution using 1,4-dioxan; Chemical Engineering Research and Design,2011, 89 (3), pp. 376-372

Fezei R.; Hammi H.; M’nif A.

6- Use of clay to remove heavy metals from jebel chakir landfillleachateJournal of Applied Sciences in environmental Sanitation, 2011, 6 (2), pp. 143-148

Chaari, I. ;  Medhioub, M. ; Jamoussi, F.

7- Solubility study of sodium, potassium and calcium sulfates and chlorides, in ammonia; Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry,2011, 56 (6), pp. 991-998

 Behij, S.;  Hamzaoui, A. H.;Rokbani, R.;and  M’nif, A.

8- Evaporation of a reverse osmosis discharge studied by Pitzer model and solubility phase diagrams;Fluid Phase Equilibria2011, 307 (2), pp.126–134

Hajbi F.; Hammi H.; Solimando R.; et al;