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Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

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Environemental Scanning Electronic Microscope (ESEM)

Type :

A finely-focused electron beam scanned across the surface of the sample generates secondary electrons, backscattered electrons, and characteristic X-rays.

These signals are collected by detectors to form images of the sample displayed on a cathode ray tube screen. Features seen in the SEM image may then be immediately analyzed for elemental composition using EDS or WDS.

Secondary Electron Imaging shows the topography of surface features a few nm across.

Backscattered Electron Imaging shows the spatial distribution of elements or compounds within the top micron of the sample.

Service assuré :

  • Topographies géométriques      
  • Topographie chimique
  • Analyse qualitative et quantitative : identification et quantification des éléments chimiques présents dans l’échantillon.
  • Cartographie X : localisation des éléments détectés sur la surface étudiée.

Areas of application :

  • Metallurgy / Steel
  • Mines and Geology
  • Cement / ceramic
  • Electronic Components
  • Biology
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environment / Health
  • Food industry