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Establishment and Missions

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The National Center for Research in Materials Science is a public administrative establishment with moral personality and financial autonomy.

He is located in Technopole Borj Cedria.

The center is created by decree number 1599-2006 on  06/06/2006.


The center is responsible for conducting research and experimentation and technological development in materials science and it s integration in economic and social development.

For this purpose, it is responsible for:

  • Carrying  out research programs covered by the research facilities of the center,
  • Contributing to the development of scientific research and technology of materials science and working  to guide the findings for the benefit economic,
  • Undertaking, at the request of ministries, national institutions, institutions and public and private companies in the context of agreements concluded to research, experimentation or for expertise include:
    • Preparing and produce new materials,
    • Valorizing and appreciating materials,
    • Establishing and improving the manufacturing processes of materials,
    • Discovering and developing natural resources in the field of materials.
  • Ensuring the scientific and technological monitoring and undertake prospective studies in areas within its competence,
  • Recording the findings to the competent body and striving for its development and exploitation,
  • Undertaking literature searches as part of its mission to ascertain the sector's development of materials science relevant to the national economy, monitoring, analyzing and evaluating them according to the national development goals,
  • Organizing events and scientific and technological training courses .
  • Encouraging the partnership in materials science with public or private institutions and institutions of higher education ,research and scientific research,
  • Establishing the international partnership in the field of materials science,
  • Providing the scientific and technological expertise at national and international levels.
  • Contributing to the training and mentoring of students and researchers Masters and PhD and post-doctoral programs in research and development center and international cooperation,
  • Encouraging the creation of innovative companies particularly in the context of technology parks,